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CRI Lighting is an independent lighting agency serving building professionals in San Diego and Imperial counties.We represent over 60 high quality domestic and international lighting, automation and controls manufacturers.

CRI Lighting provides complete lighting services and lighting equipment packages for all types of commercial, industrial, residential and military projects. We specialize in offering lighting product options in San Diego that maintain the highest quality at the most competitive pricing.

With a keen focus on sustainable building practices, CRI Lighting promotes environmentally friendly technologies, products and designs that compliment San Diego LEED and other green-focused projects.

LED lighting is now cost effective for nearly all lighting applications. With over 5000 fixture installations, CRI Lighting is San Diego’s expert for projects designing, engineering and commissioning interior and exterior LED lighting.

CRI Lighting is the manufacturer’s rep for CREE/BetaLED. CREE/BetaLED is the leader in LED lighting products. In San Diego [and the USA] more LED lighting is supplied by CREE/BetaLED than by any other manufacturer because CREE/BetaLED LED lighting products have better optical performance, better product warranties and lower pricing than other high quality LED lighting products. CREE/BetaLED LED lighting products take the risk out of purchasing, installing and operating indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

Architects And Engineers

…depend on CRI Lighting for specification and layout information on innovative, quality and value priced fixtures and controls.

Electrical Distributors

…depend on CRI Lighting for product info, competitive pricing, and efficient procurement & shipment coordination.

Building Professionals

…depend on CRI Lighting for lighting design assist as well as fast and accurate product, photometric and layout information.

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CRI Lighting is an independent lighting agency serving building professionals in San Diego and Imperial counties.
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